reweave the culture
Face the beautiful crafts and culture that lie dormant in Japan, loosen them, and deliver new possibilities.



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Traditional craft Meisen

A casual kimono produced in the northern Kanto region from the Taisho era to the early Showa era.

A culture that once declined due to declining demand and a shortage of craftsmen will be reborn.

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Square neck blouse

Meisen square neck blouse

An office casual blouse that uses Meisen textile with good coloring on the cuffs and back of the neck. Please enjoy the culture casually.

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Tiered skirts

meisen tiered skirt

A skirt that uses a single kimono luxuriously. Why don't you wear your own skirt, one in the world?

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Up-cycle lace blouse

A lace blouse made from upcycled fabric that would otherwise be discarded at the factory. A playful design with transparent adultness and a large collar.

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