When you purchase an outfit from the online store, it will be delivered in Ay's original paulownia box, perfect for storing your kimono.


1.Insect Repellent
Since Meisen kimonos are made of 100% silk and natural materials, be careful not to eat insects.
The paulownia box serves as an insect repellent, so we recommend storing it in a paulownia box outside of the season.
2. Humidity control
Since paulownia has the ability to regulate humidity, it is safe to store it in a paulownia box even in high humidity.

Shipping fee: 1,000 yen nationwide
Small items are packaged in a simple package of 370 yen.

simple packaging

Simple packaging is available for second and subsequent purchases/those who do not require a paulownia box.

Delivery charge: nationwide flat rate 1,000 yen

* Products requiring cardboard packaging are delivered in recycled cardboard to utilise resources.