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Festival -Meisen Teayard Skirt navy-

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We carefully loosened the kimonos one by one and made one skirt from one kimono.

Size: Free

West 64cm (waist rubber stretch up to 70cm)

Hips (widest width)

Around the hem  244cm
full length 92cm

Body part: 100% organic cotton
Lined: 100% polyester
Meisen: 100% silk * This fabric has stains. There is no problem with wearing it, but please purchase it after understanding it.
[Glossy] None
[Ground color] White
[Fabric feeling] It is crisp

Producing area: Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Production story
Ay had many high-quality designs. I received a voice saying, "I don't have the courage ... I want to use it more everyday."Creating a skirt that makes it easier to enjoy Meisen kimonoDid.

It is tiered in two stages, and it is simple and cute, so it is elegantly summarized.

Elastic waist

It is elastic and you can enjoy it easily. The rubber part cannot be seen from the front, and the waist area gives a clean impression.

Very convenient as it has a pocket
I want to have at least a lipstick and a smartphone when I go out, so I'm making a pocket this time. It is a skirt that pursues convenience while keeping the silhouette beautiful.

You can enjoy it elegantly with a blouse or shirt, or casually with a shirt. We recommend simple tops.

Since we use vintage kimono, we avoid stains and stains. However, due to the production process, there are some with small stains and some with scratches on the fabric if it is unavoidable. It will appear over time, so I hope you enjoy it as well. Thank you for your understanding.

Dry cleaning is recommended. If you want to take care of yourself, dissolve the neutral detergent in water, wash your hands gently, and then rinse thoroughly. The key to prevent wrinkles is to arrange the shape without squeezing after washing and dry in the shade in a well-ventilated place. Ironing from the lining keeps the texture of the silk fabric. Apply a dry iron from the top of the patch at a low temperature.

Please wash separately from other items as the color may fade.

The pattern of the sample product may differ slightly depending on how the cloth is cut. Thank you for your understanding in advance.


Festival -Meisen Teayard Skirt navy-
Festival -Meisen Teayard Skirt navy- Sale price¥28,000