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Tote bag / kirameku

Sale price¥13,200

A convenient tote bag that can hold A4 size. Since it has a pocket inside, it can be folded and stored. Textiles "Kirameku": Glittering due to the chambre effect (warp and weft are opposite colors). It is a textile that uses the technique called combined Kasuri, which is a characteristic of Isesaki Meisen. It has become very rare. This is a new cloth woven from the Taisho era to the Showa era. What is combined Kasuri? It is a technique that not only adds a color pattern to the warp threads, but also attaches them to the weft threads (printing), and weaves the warp and weft threads one by one with a hand-operated machine. Since both warp and weft have patterns, advanced weaving techniques were required to create the patterns. material Outer material: 100% silk (Meisen) Lining: 100% polyester
bag / kirameku
Tote bag / kirameku Sale price¥13,200