Lace in Gunma

A lace blouse made from upcycled fabric that would have been discarded in a factory is now available. The item is docked with fabric made from used plastic bottles, all reused.

Lace discovered during a tour of the factory.

At a lace factory in Isesaki City, Gunma Prefecture, there was a 50-year history of honestly facing manufacturing and continuing to take on new challenges. The lace blouse was made by upcycling deadstock fabrics encountered there. Deadstock is fabric with designs that are no longer produced. This time, the lace fabric is called 'C-anti', which has been mixed with white threads and should have been discarded, even though it is of the same high quality as the others.

We recommend coordinating it with Meisen clothing.

Transparent sleeves and collars

The lace is transparent and mature, and the large collar is playful. Comes in basic black. The white line is a point of interest.

The ruffles on the sleeves are also filled with attention to detail.

With sustainable materials

The body part is made of fabric recycled from used plastic bottles and other materials. It has excellent water repellency and moisture permeability, so it can be enjoyed in all seasons.

With Meisen skirt.

Please enjoy coordinating the lace top with the Meisen skirt made of the same material.

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Visiting Lace Factory