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Azuma bag mini [Yukata]

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The Azuma bag is inspired by the Azuma bag and made using the straight lines of a kimono. I upcycled the leftover fabric that comes out when making meisen clothes and applied silk fabric of Tsumugi to the outer material and lining. It's a colorful, cute, and easy-to-use bag.

"Azuma bag" which is also one of Japanese culture, It began in the Edo period when commoners saw the bags carried by Westerners and sewed them into furoshiki and hand towels to imitate them.That's right. Azuma means "East" and means "Edo seen from Kyoto". It is the name given to the bag that the common people of Edo devised and made.

 Length 32cm

Width 31cm


Front: Meisen silk 100%
[Gloss] None
[ground color] dark blue
[Texture] Slightly dry
Lining: Tsumugi Kimono 100% Silk

Production area: Gunma Prefecture, Japan

Since we use vintage kimonos, we avoid stains and dirt when making them. However, due to the production process, there may be small stains or scratches on the fabric if it is unavoidable. It will appear over time, so I hope you enjoy it, including that. Thank you for your understanding.

Dry cleaning is recommended. If you want to clean it yourself, dissolve a neutral detergent in water, gently wash your hands, and then rinse thoroughly. The point to prevent wrinkles is to adjust the shape without squeezing after washing and dry it in the shade in a well-ventilated place. You can maintain the texture of the silk fabric by ironing from the lining. Apply a dry iron at a low temperature over the pressing cloth. The color may fade, so please wash separately from other items.