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Unisex shirt / camo

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A shirt that is indispensable for all seasons. You can enjoy it in unisex. A light shirt that uses the astringent textile Meisen on the front and collar is also useful as a haori coat. The back is longer than the front, so the style looks good. You can wear it on a tee shirt or tank top and open the front for a fashionable look. Find one of your favorites. Textile [shi / camo] Textiles like camouflage patterns. Touch: Smooth Appearance: A little glossy Thickness: Firm eyes Weight: Light Front body / collar: 100% silk (Meisen) Sleeve / back body: 100% polyester Gunma, Japan A beautiful culture again from the area where the breeding industry once flourished.
Unisex shirt / camo
Unisex shirt / camo Sale price¥28,000